Impulse Watch: John Adams

Me, being a U.S. History nut and all, decided to sit down and start watching this HBO mini-series from 2008. Only one word to describe the first few episodes I watched. UNBELIEVABLE! The setting of Boston in the 1700’s looked matched up to a T as compared to how it actually looked in the past. Sitting there and watching it really felt like you were personally brought back in time to hear the story of our great nation’s 2nd president. The show starts off with the Boston Massacre, when multiple British soldiers opened fire on a group of men, and were taken to court. John Adams (played by Paul Giamatti) serves as the soldiers’ lawyer, and attempts to prove their innocence. Though I’m only a few episodes in, I am amazed at how well Paul Giamatti portrays John Adams, and it is now no surprise to me that he won a Golden Globe for this role back in 2009 (the show also won 3 more Golden Globes that year). The entire 7-episode mini-series takes us through John Adams’ political run, and the sacrifices he made in order to bring prosperity to the nation. If you share even the slightest interest in history, I would highly recommend this show.

IMDB Rating (as of 9/19/2017):  8.6/10

My rating: 9/10

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